1. Introduction, General Principles And Excercises – Arnoud van Buuren

History of PBSP; pleasure, satisfaction, meaning and connection; 5 developmental tasks [short]; 5 basic needs: place, protection, support, limiting, nurturance, 3 memorylevels, neurobiology of PBSP; possibility sphere; body language, reflex-relaxation excercise: 3 modalities of movement, accomodation, shape/countershape; energy-action-interaction-meaning; contact/contract; circle excercise; gesture excercise; live structure; Conscious movement in the interest of curiosity; Positive accomodation; introduction to microtracking

Literature and homework will be provided, including guidance on running intervision groups and procedure for training the excercises

Place: Hotel Ava, Karstulantie 6, Helsinki


Wed 26th June 10-18, coffee/tea  9.30-10

Thu 27th June 9-18

Fri 28th June 9-18

Sat 29th June 9-16

Reading material for the July training days:


Caldwell, C. (ed). 1997. Getting in Touch: A Guide to Body-Centered Therapies. Introduction to Pesso Boyden Psychomotor System. Download the article (this article has been translated into Finnish. Ask a paper copy from Riitta S.)

Perquin, L. 2017. Structured Exercises as Therapeutic Tools in PBSP.  Download the file

Perquin, L. & van Campen, L.  Becoming whole: regaining what was lost. Download the article  (this article has been translated into Finnish. Ask a paper copy from Riitta S.)

PBSP Introduction – slides. Download the file

Winette, P. & Baylin, J. 2017. Working with traumatic memories to heal adults with unresolved childhood trauma. Jessica Kingsley publishers ISBN 9781 84905 724 0

2. Working From The Body, Revist General Principles, Exercises 6th-9th November 2019, Helsinki – Sally Potter

The therapeutic alliance + possibility sphere reprise; motivation and contract; 5 developmental tasks [reprise / elaboration]; spatial placement; excercise; negative accomodation excercise; limiting excercise; externalisation as a technique; antidote and reversal: working with ideal figures; ideal parent excercise; controlled approach excercise; microtracking reprise + supervision; live structure. Key exercises arising from module 1 to be reprised with supervision.

Homework in Preparation for PBSP November 2019 training module

  • READ On Contract and Motivation by Al Pesso, Download the file

  • RE-read the exercises offered and practised in June with AB:

  • Reflex Relaxed/Species Stance

  • 3 Modalities of Movement

  • Positive Accommodation

  • Voluntary Movement

  • Circle Exercises

  • Practise if possible any of the above – in Intervision or with friends / family members / clients

  • RE read the Slides that go with the topics covered in June

Place: Hotel Ava, Karstulantie 6, Helsinki


Wed 6th November 10-18, coffee/tea  9.30-10

Thu 7th November 9-18

Fri 8th November 9-18

Sat 9th November 9-16

Leading to a certificate A

Competence: The trainee is able to work with the body from a PBSP-perspective in different exercises working towards a new memory on an experiential level and understands actively theory and practice of PBSP. The trainee is ready to continue training in part 2 in learning how to do structures.

Exercises, translations etc. generated by the Finnish Training Group

Self-self exercise, Download the file (in English & in Finnish), documented by M. Lehtimäki & M-L. Lehtimäki

Eva Vento’s questions to the teachers and their replies:





Extra resources

Pesso, A. & Boyden-Pesso, D. 2000. Movement in Psychotherapy. Download the book




This page is meant only for the second year training programme participants – please do not share this to others, thank you!


3. Training days 4th – 7th March 2020, Arnoud van Buuren

Place: Vauvauinti Kultakalat, Pellervontie 39 A, 00610 Helsinki



Wed 4th March 9.30-17.15, coffee/tea 9-9.30

Thu 5th March 9-18

Fri 6th March 9-18

Sat 7th March 9-16




Structures: microtracking, reversals, placeholders and principles

The possibility sphere

The start of a structure, gestalt

Tracking affect: Microtracking: witnessing, the wheel of affect


Highest energy


The use of placeholders

Reversals and the antidote

The four phases of a structure, true scene, historical scene, antidote and internalisation

Neurobiology of PBSP

Live structure (1 or 2)

Live supervision


Literature for preparation these days:

From the “slides”: page 77 to 108, Download the file

Perquin, L. and Vos, L. (2008) Deep sea diving: resurfacing unscathed, the phases of a therapeutic session according to the Pesso method. Translated from Dutch originally published as Veilig diepzee duiken Tijdschrift voor Pesso-psychotherapie 24(1), download the file Download the file

Winnette, P and Baylin, J (2017) Working with Traumatic Memories to heal adults with unresolved childhood trauma, Neuroscience, Attachment Theory and Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor Psychotherapy Part I and Part II pages 21-137. ISBN 978 1 84905 724 0


Materials provided under the training days:

Neurobiology of PBSP Download the file


Training day recordings:


Day 1:

Introduction to the second year training

Step by step leading a structure

Witnessing affects


Day 2:

Ideal parent exercise, theme limits

Technical interventions in a structure



Day 3:

Third day program with Q and A, group dynamics

PBSP litterature deap sea diving

Principles, Bank of Hope -exercise

Neurobiology and PBSP


Day 4:

Introduction to the 4th day program

PBSP group agreements

PBSP training outline


Breathing exercise


Materials from Sally Potter 5.6.2020:


Sally’s reflections on her experiences reflections_on_my_experiences_with_an_online_pbsp_group_-_sally_potter



2. Training days 19th-22nd August, 2020, Sally Potter

Place: Västanfjärdin kirjasto, 25830 Västanfjärd. Sally online with a zoom-connection from Manchester.


Wed 19th Aug 11-18

Thu 20th Aug 9-17

Fri 21st Aug 9-17

Sat 22nd Aug 9-16

Zoom follow up: 19th Sept, 9.30-11.30



* Structures: holes in roles, trauma, limiting, soul projection

* Leading a structure one-on-one / online work


Reading material:

1 Training Handout Voices as part of Microtracking Finland

2 Training Handout Soul ProjectionThe Steps Finland

3 Training Handout Limits Ex – Leg Limiting The Steps

4 Training Handout HOLES IN ROLES Finland Sept 2020

5 Briefing- Exercise Microtracking the True Scene 3 Therapists

6 Training Handout THREE TIERS

7 Steps in Working with Abuse from Moving Psychotherapy SP 2014

8 Trauma, Abuse and Taming the Mighty Amygdala

9 Filling the Holes in Roles of the Past with the Right People at the Right Time


Training day recordings:

Phases of the Structure

Internal States and PBSP Sally’s Reflection

Phases of the Structure II

Internal States II

Three Tiers and Omnipotence

Memory of Trauma, Leg Limiting

A Question about Witnessing

Transference and Healing

Leg Limiting and Sexuality

Holes in Roles

Soul Projection


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